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Amicus Brief in support of scholars of all national origins

USC joined 30 other colleges and universities to encourage the U.S. Supreme Court to reject the federal travel ban affecting international students, faculty and staff from six countries. The institutions argued that the international populations are vital to the culture and community on campuses across the United States. From the amicus brief: Read More »

Campus Wellness and Crisis Intervention

The University of Southern California wants to better prepare for – and try to prevent – any future tragedies, by promoting a more mindful, compassionate, and healthy campus. We believe that organizing these efforts under one office will provide a more coordinated and comprehensive approach to ensuring the health and safety of our entire university community. Read More »

Information regarding Travel Restrictions for International Students and Scholars

The White House Executive Order on immigration and travel, first issued on January 27, 2017, suspended entry into the United States for immigrants and non-immigrants from seven countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. A revised order, signed on March 6, 2017, exempts existing visa holders from travel limits and removes Iraq from the original list of affected countries.  That order was blocked by a federal judge on March 15; it likely will be appealed by the Trump Administration. Changes also have been announced to premium processing of H-1B visa requests, resuming October 1. Read More »

Safety and Mental Health Programs and Support

The university encourages all members of the community to be fully informed and aware of safety programs and support tools, and be prepared for both emergency and non-emergency situations. Please review the resource page for faculty, and become familiar with important safety and mental health resources on campus.   Read More »

Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

From an official communication from Provost Michael Quick: "The challenges of diversity, inclusion and equity traverse our national history and every sector of society, including higher education.  They strike at heart of our sense of justice and equal opportunity, and our sense of who we are – our national and global identity.  Every generation grapples with these challenges in their own social and historical contexts.  The struggle for change and social justice is ongoing.  It predates and will continue beyond our lifetimes.  Recognizing this is not pessimism, it is optimism writ large – a recognition that the future is in our hands. USC will not shy from this calling.  We stand ready to grapple." Among the initiatives created to meet these challenges include new instructional, programmatic, and representative structures to diversify the viewpoints at the decision-making level, and create better opportunities for all throughout our organization. Read More »

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