2018 Zumberge Diversity and Inclusion Grant Awardees

Zumberge Diversity and Inclusion (via Pixabay)

I want to share some great news today: five of our stellar faculty members have been awarded significant grants from the James H. Zumberge Faculty Research and Innovation Fund’s Diversity and Inclusion Grant program. It’s a mouthful to say, but the funds are absolutely critical – they support research and scholarship that addresses critical gaps in knowledge on equity, diversity, and inclusion, or that benefits diverse communities.

Our 2018 winners – Albert Farias (Keck), Hernán Galperin (Annenberg), Benjamin Graham (Dornsife), Sharon Hudson (Keck), and Brendesha Tynes (Rossier) – illustrate that across our disparate schools, we’re often working toward the same convergent goal of improving access and opportunity – not just to USC, but to the world. In a truly just world, we’d all have the same rights, opportunities, and access to experience. We’re a long way from that, but these five professors are helping USC lead in that direction by providing the knowledge to support better policy and practice. Congratulations to them!

– Michael W. Quick, March 19, 2018