Our Fall Admits declare: #IGotintoUSC

Students excited, having got into USC

Across the U.S. – indeed, across the world – high school seniors are receiving word that they were admitted to USC. We received 64,000 applications – a record – and admitted just 13 percent – another record.

These are tough decisions and I know how hard our admissions teams work to make the right selection so that we have an intelligent, engaging, creative group of incoming scholars. Students have until May 1 to commit to USC.

By the numbers, here’s a look at our freshman admitted class:

  • 26 percent are from underrepresented minority groups
  • 69 percent are students of color
  • More than a third are straight-A students, and 60 percent have standardized test scores in the 99th percentile
  • 14 percent – or 1 in 7 – are the first generation in their families to attend college
  • 66 are the sons and daughters of active-duty service members
  • And, lastly, there are 85 sets of twins!

Our admissions teams visit about 2,200 high schools every year from coast to coast and across the world. As an example, on April 15, admissions staff will be in New York, Shanghai, and South Florida. I want to thank the faculty and staff who help students and their parents throughout the process.

It’s been exciting to read the #IGotintoUSC posts that have cropped up on social media all weekend. One admit said she had just finished busing tables when she got home to see the acceptance. Another said her mother drove the envelope to her high school because she knew her daughter couldn’t wait. And a third said for the last five years, the only school on her mind was her “dream school” USC. We can’t wait to greet these dream students.

– Michael W. Quick, March 27, 2018