Ignite USC

A Message to Academic deans, faculty and staff

January 12, 2015

I am pleased to announce the launch of Ignite USC (https://ignite.usc.edu), a crowdfunding program designed to help faculty, staff and students raise funding and awareness for a variety of USC-affiliated projects. The tremendous creativity and ambition that infuses our academic community is one of USC’s defining characteristics. We will continue to build on this strength by providing new resources that support the creation of consequential research, scholarship and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Ignite USC responds to the USC Strategic Vision: Matching Deeds to Ambitions, which compels us to “…be as innovative in creating the conditions for success as our faculty and students are in their research.” Crowdfunding platforms have demonstrated the unique ability to bring together collaborators and champions in building a successful venture. USC can make a positive impact on society by attracting funds in a similar manner for academically enriching projects. Because many projects are developed to address urgent problems or societal need, Ignite USC provides flexibility for raising funds rapidly when traditional funding channels cannot respond quickly enough. In addition, the program deepens connections with our alumni by helping them become familiar with the innovative work of our faculty and providing them opportunities to partner in meaningful projects.

To qualify for Ignite USC, projects must demonstrate a positive impact on the university’s academic priorities, capital projects, research mission, student life or community partners. Quarterly workshops will be held to answer submission questions and provide additional information.  To apply for your own Ignite USC project please visit Ignite USC Application.

Cc:       Al Checcio

Randy Hall

Tracey Vranich

Mark Todd