Reminder – Weekday Football Games at the Coliseum

Message to USC Faculty and Staff

From: Michael W. Quick, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; David W. Wright, Interim Senior Vice President, Administration

September 18, 2018

As we wrote to you recently, USC will host a game at the Coliseum against Washington State on Friday, September 21 at 7:30 p.m. In addition, the L.A. Rams will host the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday, September 27 at 5:20 p.m. We would like to remind you how we will work to minimize disruptions to normal university operations.

We recognize the disruption this creates to our normal academic activities and appreciate everyone’s efforts to make accommodations. We always try to minimize the number of these weekday games and the impact on University Park Campus.

USC will not cancel classes and we will not make global changes to class schedules for weekday games. To the extent possible, general academic operations will proceed as normal. As a result, please note that:

  • Students are expected to attend classes and complete their assignments as regularly required by the faculty.
  • Libraries will remain open during normal operating hours.
  • As appropriate, staff may be permitted to work from home on the days these games are held. Schools are also allowed to send staff home early in the afternoon.

Suggestions for Faculty. We defer to faculty who are teaching during the late afternoon or evening hours on Friday, September 21 and/or Thursday, September 27 to make the best possible accommodations. In the past, faculty have done the following to help deal with this situation:

  • Schedule an additional class period at some other point in the semester and thereby avoid holding your class on these days. The administration of your school and the University Registrar will work with you to identify appropriate times for a makeup class and possible locations.
  • Hold your class at a location other than the University Park Campus. The University Registrar will work with those schools offering a large number of classes in the evening to identify alternative locations at the limited number of available USC-owned locations.
  • Use available online instructional technologies and approaches for this class period.
  • If your class syllabus includes off-campus activities or work that can be done away from campus, plan such an activity for these days.

Transportation and Parking. The most significant impacts to university operations will likely be the increased traffic, safety, and parking issues on game days. We will face more challenges than usual this year because of the ongoing renovation of the Coliseum, the construction of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, and the narrowing of Figueroa Street, which have collectively limited parking options and lengthened commuting times. Here are some notable considerations:

  • No weekday tailgating – including the set-up of tents, chairs, tables, and/or picnic blankets for the purpose of serving meals or drinks – will be permitted on University Park Campus or at USC Village, unless it is an official university-sanctioned event. Note also that tailgating at Expo Park will be limited this season because of the ongoing construction.
  • Increased DPS patrols will be directed to the Row to maintain a safe environment for students and deter disorderly conduct.
  • Because of limited parking options at Expo Park due to ongoing renovations, those attending games are encouraged to use alternative transportation – including public transit and ridesharing services – rather than drive to campus on game day, particularly on 9/27 since egress will be challenging as Rams fans arrive for the 5:20 p.m. kick-off.

Football games on weekday evenings are considerable undertakings, but we have several weeks to make the necessary adjustments to minimize disruptions. Please plan the semester with these games in mind and consider the alternatives we have suggested. Please inform your students early in the semester of any changes you are making to your course plans.

Thank you for your flexibility and cooperation in helping the campus accommodate these events. If you have any questions or suggestions for efforts we can take to mitigate disruptions to normal university operations, please feel free to contact the administration of your school.

Cc: Wanda Austin
Academic Senate
Academic Deans
Staff Assembly
President’s Cabinet
Provost’s Cabinet