Message to USC Faculty

From: Michael W. Quick, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

May 16, 2019

I write to thank the members of the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 University Committee on Appointments, Promotions, and Tenure (UCAPT) panels. This distinguished group of faculty has provided recommendations to me that are crucial to our university’s commitment to academic excellence.

UCAPT is comprised of seven discipline-based panels, each of which includes interdisciplinary members. The members of UCAPT have devoted a great deal of time to reviewing the approximately 200 dossiers that were considered over the past two years. In accordance with the 2017 UCAPT Manual, I thank them, by name, for their service to the university:

Jan Amend
April Armstrong
Shahla Bahavar
Janis Brown
Thomas Buchanan
Paula Cannon
Ken Cazan
Yang Chai
Casey Chen
Meiling Cheng
Patricia DeChow
Alice Echols
Suzanne Edmands
Peggy Farnham
Michael Fink
Stephen Finlay
Susan Forsburg
Rick Friedman
Tracy Fullerton
Dana Goldman
Leana Golubchik
Stephen Gruber
Stephan Haas
Gillian Hadfield
Christopher Haiman
Mark Jonathan Harris
Shaun Harper
Joseph Hawkins
Judith Hirsch
Velina Hasu Houston
Rajiv Kalia
Anna Krylov
Josh Kun
Akira Mizuta Lippit
John Matsusaka
Keith Mayerson
Andrew McMahon
Urbashi Mitra
Mahta Moghaddam
Lydie Moudileno
Shrikanth Narayanan
Sergey Nuzhdin
Amy Ogata
Joseph Ouzounian
Daniel Pelletier
Hashem Pesaran
Margaret Russett
David St. John
Terence Sanger
Ellen Seiter
Elizabeth Sowell
Annie Thompson
Paul Thompson
Ruth Wallach
Amy Ward
Richard Watanabe
Suzanne Wenzel
Leonette Williams
Wendy Wood