University Distinctions

The University of Southern California is first and foremost a community of scholars, and we are proud to acknowledge the accomplishments of our faculty through the following university-based honors:

Distinguished Professors

Awarded very selectively to those whose accomplishments have brought special renown to USC.

Provost Professors

Provost Professors are outstanding interdisciplinary scholars appointed by the provost. They contribute to the university by attracting excellent faculty and graduate students while adding significantly to the culture of interdisciplinary research and education that is a hallmark of academic life at USC.

University Professors

Awarded based on multi-disciplinary interests and significant accomplishments in several disciplines.

USC Associates Award Honorees

The USC Associates Awards are the highest honors the university faculty bestows upon its members for distinguished intellectual and artistic achievements and for outstanding teaching, both in and out of the classroom.

USC Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Awarded to a very select number of retired faculty at the annual Academic Honors Convocation, the USC Faculty Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes eminent careers and notable contributions to the university, the profession and the community.