DACA Resources

We continue to actively monitor the situation in Washington, D.C. with respect to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  I want to reaffirm our unequivocal support for everyone in our community, regardless of immigration status or national origin. We remain committed to our shared values of diversity, inclusion, and non-discrimination.

We will do everything possible to ensure that our students have access to the services and support necessary for them to thrive while at USC and to graduate from their chosen degree programs. We have a variety of resources in place to assist our students and employees and we are examining other avenues to help as needed. Each situation is unique, and so it is difficult to specifically address all questions in a memo.

  1. Given the uncertainty surrounding the future of the DACA program, if you are a DACA recipient, we advise you not to leave the United States at this time. If you are a DACA recipient traveling outside of the country, we advise you to return to the U.S. as soon as possible
  2. Based on recommendations from the Provost’s Advisory Task Force on Immigration, I have asked Vanessa Gomez Brake, our new associate dean of religious life, to serve as a point of contact in order to coordinate and implement the many efforts and opportunities across campus that support immigrant and international students. In this capacity, she will assist members of our university community in navigating and facilitating support resources at our cultural centers, Division of Student Affairs, Office of International Students, Office of Campus Wellness and Crisis Intervention, Student Counseling Center, Office of Financial Aid, Office of Religious Life, Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, the Pullias Center for Higher Education, and the Gould Immigration Clinic. If you need assistance, please contact her at 213-740-6110 or by email: vanessagb@usc.edu
  3. If you are part of the DACA program or are of unsure immigration status and you need general guidance, please contact the Gould School of Law Immigration Clinic’s Student, Faculty & Staff Legal Advice Project, 213-740-0497; the clinic is also available to provide free initial consultations and respond to urgent matters.  If you are detained by Border Patrol or ICE, you may call the clinic’s emergency number: 213-534-7518
  4. If you are a student whose financial situation has been impacted by any changes to federal or state policies, please contact your financial aid advisor or Financial Aid Outreach Associate Dean Diane Anchundia at 213-740-5445 or by email at: anchundia@usc.edu
  5. We have many other campus resources available. Many are listed here: https://www.provost.usc.edu/memo-to-the-usc-community-regarding-daca/

Let me also reiterate our policies and procedures.  We will ensure that student records are not disseminated without student consent or a judicial order. We require that law enforcement authorities present appropriate judicial warrants prior to assisting them in contacting anyone in our university community. Our Department of Public Safety follows the lead of the Los Angeles Police Department, which does not initiate law enforcement activities based solely on immigration status.

Going forward, both the Provost’s Advisory Task Force and the Deans’ Steering Committee on immigration issues will continue to guide us with their collective insight and expertise. And we will work with our peer colleges and universities to advocate on behalf of DACA students.

While there is no doubt we are living in uncertain and turbulent times, there is also no doubt that we will continue to embrace our Principles of Community that outline our commitment to diversity and tolerance. We remain steadfast in our enduring belief in the power and promise of the Trojan Family as an extraordinary global community of support, healing, and transformation.

C. L. Max Nikias
Academic Senate
Academic Deans
President’s Cabinet
Provost’s Cabinet