Optimistic about the Future

In just a few weeks, we will conduct a virtual celebration for a resilient, remarkable group of Trojans and soon, welcome the newest class of 2024. This is a moment of great excitement and expectation for the University of Southern California.

Last month, the USC Office of Admission https://admission.usc.edu/accepted students from around the country – and the world – to join a new incoming class. Friday is the final day to commit; choices made by those students and their families will shape the Class of 2024. We realize these are unprecedented times, as potential future Trojans set out to make a decision on the next step of their academic journey.

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited travel and visits to our campus, but we have set up virtual tours https://admission.usc.edu/meet-us/virtual-tour-programs/#/virtual-tours-and-programs and filled our USC website with all of the information needed https://orientation.usc.edu/ for students to begin their first year smoothly. We will emerge stronger from this time of limited travel and social distancing and when we do, our USC faculty, student affairs, and wellness programs and activities will be there to help students navigate these challenging months.

The individuals who choose to join USC will be our friends and colleagues and I will be honored and excited to meet each and every one of them in the coming months. USC is a beautiful campus and is waiting for all of us to return. This will be a tremendous reunion for USC and the new Class of 2024 will be a part of it.

I have no doubt, the Class of 2024 will be an exceptional group of students—as accomplished, driven, curious, and engaged as any USC has ever admitted; they make me optimistic about the future. The fall admitted students reflect core strengths of our research university which celebrates a rich exchange of ideas, perspectives, and opinions from a wide range of cultures, backgrounds, and outlooks. These students embody tremendous achievement and diversity which are valued Trojan traditions.

Of those admitted, straight-A students make up 38% of the group, and the average admitted student had test scores in the 96th percentile. The average admitted student enrolled in six to seven Advanced Placement courses if those courses were available at their high school; 17% would be the first in their families to attend college. USC’s fall admits come from all 50 states, the District of Columbia and four U.S. territories. International students from 96 countries comprise 14% of those admitted, a rate comparable to previous years.

We can’t wait for the Class of 2024 to join us and learn from us and add a distinctive flair, courage, and personality to the mix that thrives at USC. Our university is a wonderful place to expand horizons in a vibrant city on the edge of the Pacific surrounded by brilliant and capable minds and filled with those committed to the success of all our students.

We look forward to seeing all of our students in person when it is prudent to do so. We can’t wait to share that which we have worked so hard to develop, aimed at enabling students to achieve their dreams. Congratulations to our fall admits—they are our future and we are so grateful to have them.

–Charles F. Zukoski, May 1, 2020