With Gratitude…

The Main Reading Room of the Hoose Philosophy Library/Photo Courtesy USC Libraries Archives Image Collection.

At this time of year we express gratitude and thanks. In this spirit, as we conclude the 2020 Fall Semester, that I would like to take a moment and personally address our USC faculty. I want to, wholeheartedly, acknowledge and state how proud I am of your hard work, commitment and dedication during these unprecedented and challenging times.  At every twist and turn, you have stepped up, overcome, and pushed forward, together, in true Trojan spirit.

As brilliant and bold educators and scholars, your imagination, energy and passion have led us forward. You have mastered and applied unfamiliar technologies, actively sought flexible solutions, and quickly embraced new ways to transfer knowledge from adjusting class schedules to accommodate international time zones to creating exciting and engaging coursework and teaching methods that are uniquely catered to distance learning.

As we move forward, please know that you are appreciated. Your resilience and determination to educate our students while maintaining academic excellence during a national emergency is nothing short of astonishing.

As we move towards the 2020 Spring Semester, there will be new challenges. I am confident that we will find a path forward together because–We are SC.

Once again, I am extremely grateful and thankful for all that you do for the university. I look forward, in great anticipation, to that time we can be together again.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and be well.

–Charles F. Zukoski, November 23, 2020