Associates Awards

The USC Associates Awards are the highest honors the university faculty bestows upon its members for distinguished intellectual and artistic achievements and for outstanding teaching, both in and out of the classroom.

Kipke, MicheleCreativity in Research and Scholarship2020
Ross, SteveCreativity in Research and Scholarship2020
Narayanan, ShrikanthCreativity in Research and Scholarship2019
Zlokovic, BerislavCreativity in Research and Scholarship2019
Lee, AmyCreativity in Research and Scholarship2018
Pastor, ManuelCreativity in Research and Scholarship2018
Buchanan, ThomasCreativity in Research and Scholarship2017
Goldman, DanaCreativity in Research and Scholarship2017
Crimmins, EileenCreativity in Research and Scholarship2016
Furhman, JedCreativity in Research and Scholarship2016
Gundersen, MartinCreativity in Research and Scholarship2015
Schwartz, VanessaCreativity in Research and Scholarship2015
Castells, ManuelCreativity in Research and Scholarship2014
Tambe, MilindCreativity in Research and Scholarship2014
De Clerck, Yves A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2013
Mancall, Peter C.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2013
Damasio, AntonioCreativity in Research and Scholarship2012
Willner, Alan E.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2012
Jordan, Thomas H.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2011
Weisberg, RuthCreativity in Research and Scholarship2011
Humayun, MarkCreativity in Research and Scholarship2010
Vashishta, PriyaCreativity in Research and Scholarship2010
Dapkus, Paul DanielCreativity in Research and Scholarship2009
McCaffery, Edward J.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2009
Petasis, Nicos A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2008
Warner, Nicholas P.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2008
Chuong, Cheng-MingCreativity in Research and Scholarship2007
Thompson, MarkCreativity in Research and Scholarship2007
Berger, Theodore W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2006
James, DavidCreativity in Research and Scholarship2006
Hartke, StephenCreativity in Research and Scholarship2005
Swanson, LarryCreativity in Research and Scholarship2005
Langdon, TerenceCreativity in Research and Scholarship2004
Saks, ElynCreativity in Research and Scholarship2004
Raine, AdrianCreativity in Research and Scholarship2003
Wills, Jr., John E.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2003
Sammis, Charles G.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2002
Goodman, Myron F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2002
Steier, William H.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2001
Prakash, G. K. SuryaCreativity in Research and Scholarship2000
Thompson, Richard F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2000
Biederman, IrvingCreativity in Research and Scholarship1999
Shih, Jean C.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1999
Barnouw, DagmarCreativity in Research and Scholarship1998
Lai, MichaelCreativity in Research and Scholarship1998
Klein, Malcolm W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1997
Aoun, JosephCreativity in Research and Scholarship1997
Adleman, LeonardCreativity in Research and Scholarship1996
Pike, MalcolmCreativity in Research and Scholarship1996
Bergman, Richard N.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1995
Kinder, MarshaCreativity in Research and Scholarship1995
Resnik, JudithCreativity in Research and Scholarship1994
Garmire, ElsaCreativity in Research and Scholarship1994
Aki, KeiCreativity in Research and Scholarship1993
Dear, Michael J.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1993
Susskind, Miriam M.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1992
Waterman, Michael S.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1992
Bengtson, Vern L.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1991
Breuer, Melvin A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1991
Dalton, Larry R.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1990
Goldstein, Joshua S.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1990
Banner, Lois W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1989
Lawler, III, Edward E.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1989
Benedict, William F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1988
Reed, Irving S.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1988
Massry, Shaul G.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1987
Pollack, DanielCreativity in Research and Scholarship1987
Reed, Christopher A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1986
Rosenau, James N.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1986
Finch, Caleb E.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1985
Olah, George A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1985
Benson, Sidney W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1984
Maki, KazumiCreativity in Research and Scholarship1984
Jones, Peter A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1983
Wittig, Curt F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1983
Cope, Jackson I.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1982
Heidelberger, CharlesCreativity in Research and Scholarship1982
O'Toole, JamesCreativity in Research and Scholarship1981
Warshel, AriehCreativity in Research and Scholarship1981
Ritcheson, CharlesCreativity in Research and Scholarship1980
Slavkin, Harold C.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1980
Stone, Christopher D.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1979
Bau, RobertCreativity in Research and Scholarship1979
Birren, James E.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1979
Bessman, Samuel P.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1978
Schnepp, Otto O.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1978
Stephens, Philip J.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1977
Hellwarth, Robert W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1977
McClelland, Charles A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1976
Parker, HershelCreativity in Research and Scholarship1975
Dales, Richard C.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1975
Moore, Sally F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1975
Vogt, Peter K.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1974
Greene, Donald J.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1974
Taylor, Howard S.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1974
Dunn, ArnoldCreativity in Research and Scholarship1973
Moote, A. LloydCreativity in Research and Scholarship1973
Bavetta, Lucien A.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1972
Porto, Sergio P. S.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1972
Adamson, Arthur W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1970
Schulz, Max F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1970
Grings, William W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1969
Spitzer, William G.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1969
Brodie, Arnold F.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1968
Golomb, Solomon W.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1968
Bandy, Orville L.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1967
Waterman, John T.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1967
Christensen, FrancisCreativity in Research and Scholarship1966
Hartman, OlgaCreativity in Research and Scholarship1966
Lovell, Colin R.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1965
McElderry, Bruce R.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1965
Anton, Bruce R.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1964
Guilford, J. P.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1964
Busemann, HerbertCreativity in Research and Scholarship1963
Webb, John L.Creativity in Research and Scholarship1963
Ng, TienExcellence in Teaching2020
Sternheimer, KarenExcellence in Teaching2020
Grossman, ElissaExcellence in Teaching2019
Safadi, OussamaExcellence in Teaching2019
Negro, Mary-JoanExcellence in Teaching2018
Sheh, EddieExcellence in Teaching2018
Heidelberg, KarlaExcellence in Teaching2017
Snow, MikelExcellence in Teaching2017
Forsburg, Susan L.Excellence in Teaching2016
Kuo, C.-C. JayExcellence in Teaching2016
Mayer, OliverExcellence in Teaching2015
Sundt, MeloraExcellence in Teaching2015
Griffith, ThomasExcellence in Teaching2014
Landel, RobertExcellence in Teaching2014
Gilad, YehudaExcellence in Teaching2013
Walsh, John P.Excellence in Teaching2013
Crookes, Peter F.Excellence in Teaching2012
Farver, Jo Ann M.Excellence in Teaching2012
Akishina, Tatiana Y.Excellence in Teaching2011
Quick, Michael W.Excellence in Teaching2011
Haas, StephanExcellence in Teaching2010
Sanasarian, ElizExcellence in Teaching2010
Mak, Chi HoExcellence in Teaching2009
Mayer, DoeExcellence in Teaching2009
Boyd, ToddExcellence in Teaching2008
Stanford, CraigExcellence in Teaching2008
Rosenthal, Margaret F.Excellence in Teaching2007
Sawchuk, Alexander A.Excellence in Teaching2007
McKenna, CharlesExcellence in Teaching2006
Messner, MichaelExcellence in Teaching2006
Casper, DrewExcellence in Teaching2005
Dundes Renteln, AlisonExcellence in Teaching2005
Dappen, WernerExcellence in Teaching2004
McComas, WilliamExcellence in Teaching2004
Carnicke, Sharon MarieExcellence in Teaching2003
Willner, AlanExcellence in Teaching2003
Morrison, JeanExcellence in Teaching2002
Gillman, HowardExcellence in Teaching2002
Dessouky, MagedExcellence in Teaching2001
Habinek, Thomas N.Excellence in Teaching2000
Schechter, Joel E.Excellence in Teaching2000
Bickers, Nelson "Gene"Excellence in Teaching1999
Conway, Delores A.Excellence in Teaching1999
Azen, Stanley P.Excellence in Teaching1998
Grant, JudithExcellence in Teaching1998
McCann, EdwinExcellence in Teaching1997
Benzinberg Stein, AchvaExcellence in Teaching1997
Diaz Brinton, RobertaExcellence in Teaching1996
Richlin, AmyExcellence in Teaching1996
McClure, William O.Excellence in Teaching1995
Miller, JonExcellence in Teaching1995
Sammis, Charles G.Excellence in Teaching1994
Vickers, Nancy J.Excellence in Teaching1994
Davison, Gerald C.Excellence in Teaching1993
Ransford, H. EdwardExcellence in Teaching1993
Cohen, Eric H.Excellence in Teaching1992
Ross, Steven J.Excellence in Teaching1992
Dewald, Carolyn J.Excellence in Teaching1991
Redekopp, Larry G.Excellence in Teaching1991
Kamieniecki, SheldonExcellence in Teaching1990
Seip, Terry L.Excellence in Teaching1990
Anderson, J. LawfordExcellence in Teaching1989
Singer, Lawrence A.Excellence in Teaching1989
Howe, Eunice D.Excellence in Teaching1988
Nunis, Jr., Doyce B.Excellence in Teaching1988
Lamy, Steven L.Excellence in Teaching1987
Mitchell, DenisExcellence in Teaching1987
Eggenschwiler, DavidExcellence in Teaching1986
Kurtz, Harrison M.Excellence in Teaching1986
Bender, Gerald J.Excellence in Teaching1985
Manning, Peter J.Excellence in Teaching1985
Knoll, Paul W.Excellence in Teaching1984
Morse, Steven J.Excellence in Teaching1984
Segal, Gerald A.Excellence in Teaching1983
Perloff, Marjorie G.Excellence in Teaching1983
Kamrany, Nake M.Excellence in Teaching1982
Tufte, Virginia JamesExcellence in Teaching1982
Rodman, Howard A.Artistic Expression2020
Wojciak, EwaArtistic Expression2020
Norman, AndrewArtistic Expression2019
West, JenniferArtistic Expression2019
Hasu Houston, VelinaArtistic Expression2018
Sung, DorisArtistic Expression2018
Lauridsen, MortenArtistic Expression2017
Nguyen, Viet ThanhArtistic Expression2017
Fullerton, TracyArtistic Expression2016
Goto, MidoriArtistic Expression2016
Borden, Gail PeterArtistic Expression2015
Erskine, PeterArtistic Expression2015
Flick, RobbertArtistic Expression2014
Pollack, DanielArtistic Expression2014
Pentz, Mary AnnCreativity in Research and Scholarship2021
Teng, Shang-HuaCreativity in Research and Scholarship2021
Patel, Pragna I.Excellence in Teaching2021
Samkian, ArtinehExcellence in Teaching2021
Hakomori, Yo-IchiroArtistic Expression2021
Harris, Mark JonathanArtistic Expression2021
Krylov, AnnaCreativity in Research and Scholarship2022
Patterson, MichaelArtistic Expression2022
Reckinger, CandaceArtistic Expression2022
Redekopp, MarkExcellence in Teaching2022
Stepanyan, LianaExcellence in Teaching2022
Tellis, Gerard J.Creativity in Research and Scholarship2022
Wickersheimer, SibylArtistic Expression2022