National Academies Members

Members of the National Academies are recognized for outstanding achievements and contributions in matters of science, engineering, and medicine. Academy members are leaders in their field and represent the world’s most distinguished scientists, engineers, physicians, and researchers.

NameAcademyInduction YearLink
Adleman, Leonard M.National Academy of Sciences2006Learn more
Crimmins, EileenNational Academy of Sciences2016Learn more
Easterlin, Richard A.National Academy of Sciences2002Learn more
Fischer, Alfred G.National Academy of Sciences1994
Gell-Mann, MurrayNational Academy of Sciences1960
Hellwarth, Robert W.National Academy of Sciences1977Learn more
Jordan, Thomas H.National Academy of Sciences1998Learn more
Kay, Steve A.National Academy of Sciences2008Learn more
McFadden, DanielNational Academy of Sciences1981Learn more
McMahon, Andrew P.National Academy of Sciences2020Learn more
Olah, George A.National Academy of Sciences1976
Swanson, LarryNational Academy of Sciences2010Learn more
Tavaré, SimonNational Academy of Sciences2018Learn more
Vidale, John E.National Academy of Sciences2017Learn more
Viterbi, Andrew J.National Academy of Sciences1996Learn more
Warshel, AriehNational Academy of Sciences2009Learn more
Waterman, Michael S.National Academy of Sciences2001Learn more
Capron, Alexander M.National Academy of Medicine1981Learn more
Chai, YangNational Academy of Medicine2018Learn more
Crimmins, EileenNational Academy of Medicine2012Learn more
Damasio, AntonioNational Academy of Medicine1995Learn more
Goldman, Dana P.National Academy of Medicine2009Learn more
Humayun, Mark S.National Academy of Medicine2009Learn more
Kaufman, FrancineNational Academy of Medicine2005
Korsch, Barbara M.National Academy of Medicine1981
Levitt, Pat R.National Academy of Medicine2013Learn more
Pike, Malcolm C.National Academy of Medicine1994Learn more
Schaeffer, Leonard D.National Academy of Medicine1997Learn more
Slavkin, Harold C.National Academy of Medicine1995Learn more
Tranquada, Robert E.National Academy of Medicine1993Learn more
Vega, William A.National Academy of Medicine2008Learn more
Adleman, Leonard M.National Academy of Engineering2006Learn more
Agbabian, Mihran S.National Academy of Engineering1982Learn more
Austin, Wanda M.National Academy of Engineering2008Learn more
Bekey, George A.National Academy of Engineering1989Learn more
Boehm, Barry W.National Academy of Engineering1996Learn more
Currie, MalcolmNational Academy of Engineering1971
Dapkus, P. DanielNational Academy of Engineering2004Learn more
Dorman, AlbertNational Academy of Engineering1998Learn more
Ershaghi, IrajNational Academy of Engineering2014Learn more
Hellwarth, Robert W.National Academy of Engineering1977Learn more
Hillis, W. DanielNational Academy of Engineering2001Learn more
Humayun, Mark S.National Academy of Engineering2015Learn more
Hsieh, MingNational Academy of Engineering2011
Irani, Ray R.National Academy of Engineering2012
Keeney, Ralph L.National Academy of Engineering1995Learn more
Khoshnevis, BehrokhNational Academy of Engineering2019Learn more
Knatz, GeraldineNational Academy of Engineering2014Learn more
Lindsey, William C.National Academy of Engineering1997Learn more
Madni, AzadNational Academy of Engineering2021Learn more
Mitra, Sanjit K.National Academy of Engineering2003Learn more
Moghaddam, MahtaNational Academy of Engineering2019Learn more
Nikias, C. L. MaxNational Academy of Engineering2008Learn more
Pawlikowski, EllenNational Academy of Engineering2014Learn more
Requicha, AristidesNational Academy of Engineering2011Learn more
Scholtz, Robert A.National Academy of Engineering2009Learn more
Settles, F. StanNational Academy of Engineering1991Learn more
Siegel, NeilNational Academy of Engineering2005Learn more
Silverman, Leonard M.National Academy of Engineering1988Learn more
Slaughter, John B.National Academy of Engineering1982Learn more
Stegemeier, Richard J.National Academy of Engineering1992
Sugar, Ronald D.National Academy of Engineering2004
Thompson, Mark E.National Academy of Engineering2020Learn more
Viterbi, Andrew J.National Academy of Engineering1978Learn more
Waterman, Michael S.National Academy of Engineering2012Learn more
Welch, Lloyd R.National Academy of Engineering1979Learn more
Willner, AlanNational Academy of Engineering2016Learn more
Yortsos, Yannis C.National Academy of Engineering2008Learn more
Zukoski, Charles F.National Academy of Engineering2007Learn more
Pang, Jong-ShiNational Academy of Engineering2021Learn more
Ginsburg, PaulNational Academy of Medicine2021Learn more
Fraser, ScottNational Academy of Medicine2020Learn more
Ioannou, PetrosNational Academy of Engineering2022Learn more
Lerman, CarynNational Academy of Medicine2010Learn more
Hughes-Halbert, ChanitaNational Academy of Medicine2017Learn more
Synolakis, Costas National Academy of Engineering2023Learn more
Medioni, GérardNational Academy of Engineering2023Learn more
Berman, HelenNational Academy of Sciences2023Learn more
Hall, ZachNational Academy of Medicine1997
Ioannou, PetrosNational Academy of Inventors2023Learn more
Medioni, GérardNational Academy of Inventors2023Learn more
Yang, J. Joshua National Academy of Inventors2023Learn more
WIlliams, TravisNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Mackay, J. AndrewNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Kuhn, PeterNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Kosko, BartNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Ichida, JustinNational Academy of InventorsLearn more
Huang, QiangNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Evseenko, DenisNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Chai, YangNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Beerel, PeterNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Lidar, DanielNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more
Shen, Wei-MinNational Academy of Inventors2024Learn more